About The Barns

If you're looking for the perfect blend of historical elegance, rustic charm, and a team that will handle all the behind-the-scenes, you've found your venue. Nestled within 200 acres of farm land just 30 miles south of Richmond, The Barns of Kanak's 13-acre grounds consist of ten barns, six silos, a cottage, farmhouse, pool, fountain, courtyards, ample parking, and more.

The History

Originally owned by the Kanak Family, this historic Prince George property dates back to 1899. John and Molly Kanak raised 11 kids on the property and poured their hearts into the grounds and their legacy.


In addition to the various barns, they built three homes which are now commonly used for wedding parties to prepare. The youngest son, Ben Kanak, inherited the farm and lived on the property until 2016, when it then took new ownership and was renovated to become a rustic, elegant wedding + event venue.

The Team

As a family owned and operated business, your wedding or event means more than just a date on our calendar. When you become a client, you become part of the family.

Photos by Caiti Garter Photography and Burchett Photography