Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Barns of Kanak provide its own catering?

Although we do not provide on-site catering, we do work closely with your caterer of choice to ensure that they know the ins and outs of the venue and your wedding or event.

Does the Reception Barn have restrooms?

Yes! We have handicap-accessible, spacious restrooms that can be accessed from inside and outside of the Reception Barn. Each restroom has plenty of stalls for large weddings.

Is the venue handicap accessible?

The Reception Barn, restrooms, courtyard, and ceremony sites are all handicap accessible.

Do you allow us to hang decor in the Reception Barn? 

We do allow you to hang decor from the walls and beams in the Reception Barn; however, we need to approve your process beforehand. We do not allow nails or anything that could damage the wood.

How do you pronounce "Kanak?"

Kanak is pronounced like the words "kay" and "knack," with an accent on the "kay."

Does The Barns of Kanak have microphones?

We have a wireless mic that can be attached to your officiant's shirt or lapel. This mic can connect to our speakers in both the outdoor and indoor ceremony spaces, and will pick up the bride and groom's voices as well. Any other necessary microphones would typically be provided by your DJ.

Can our DJ use the speakers in the Reception Barn?

We ask that your DJ use his or her own speakers for reception music. We go over all of this with them in detail before the wedding day.

Are there hotels near The Barns of Kanak?

There are! The Barns of Kanak is a venue near Richmond, VA, and we have a list of hotels within 15 minutes as well as some Richmond favorites that we can provide.

Do Uber and Lyft come to The Barns of Kanak?

Yes! We have never had an issue with Uber or Lyft coming out to the venue.

How are you handling events during COVID-19?

Check out our policies and procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 here.